Tut 1 by Franco Barresi | {medium} | People01/03/2012

this artist is a Bluethumb bestseller!Tut 1

by Franco Barresi

2.0cm (D) x 70.0cm (H) x 70.0cm (W)
2 kg

The poem is the best way to represent this painting:

Twist of Faith
Gentle twists of symmetry divide heartfelt emotions into jar of hatred
Functional disrespect discolors visions of animosity
Field of hybrid concern over throws dispositions of distorted perception
Submissive, viral resentment toward gullible intuition
Whitened before death and sexually aroused before dawn
Fortitude sentiment wilts with retold alignments of meandered foxtrots
Positions of the finer qualities displayed by throw away drones

Senile monotone reprimand empty and sweet
It dissipates fear as solid is turned to liquid
Here we know not why and ask each other when
For as much as faith can drive notions of togetherness: belief can still be lost
Yet, justified angst thrives on four fingers that appear as five

Built on rocks of lust: wild nights turn a head to heightened howls of a wolf
It cripples lust sent with remorseful vibes of discontent
Built on justice: fright speaks about reprimand of out of body experiences

phenomenon, vibrant, expression, painting, abstract, impressionist

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