Okichi - Honourable Good Luck by Wendy Nolan | {medium} | People24/10/2010

this artist is a Bluethumb bestseller!Okichi - Honourable Good Luck

by Wendy Nolan

3.8cm (D) x 122.5cm (H) x 60.0cm (W)
1 kg

The exclusive nature of the Flower and Willow World has always intrigued me. Geisha meaning “artist” or “performing artist” belong to this highly stylized and formal culture which places an emphasis on the retention of traditional Japanese arts, traditions, and codes of conduct.
In my portrait I have captured the popular image of the geisha wearing a colourful, extravagant kimono, white make-up, and elaborate hairstyle. Her attire gives her an exotic aura whilst the make-up creates the illusion of a mask giving her an elusive, enigmatic quality.

art, painting, brisbane, wendynolan, geisha, good, luck, colour, kimono, japanese, oriental

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